How We Navigate

The Compass Adjusting Method Provides Unparalleled Insurance Claims Resolutions

Our Method

Compass is highly skilled and highly trained specialists that have for decades navigated the world of insurance claims. Our organization cultivates individuals who have a wide breadth of experience in various fields, enabling us to provide the best possible claims resolution. The Compass Adjusting method has been meticulously crafted and has proved time and time again to have positive and high-yield outcomes for clients. A brief outline of our process can be seen below.

Reviewing Key Coverage

Compass Adjusting starts by taking a thorough account of your loss. We do this by conducting an onsite visit and by reviewing the key coverage points you have under your policy.

Diving Deeper

After establishing the basics of your policy, we go in-depth and analyze your significant policy stipulations such as: coverage constraints, exclusions, and specific conditions. We will place a microscope of scrutiny to all aspects of your policy in order to extrapolate any and all benefits. Furthermore, we will guide you through the entirety of this process as we work to fulfill every obligation in your policy.


The cause of damage is not always evident. Compass Adjusting provides a full scope of what led to the damage and how that will affect the cost of repairs or replacements. Items may include: specialty work, customizations, complexity, access, safety, and more. In order to achieve the best possible resolution for you, Compass Adjusting may involve forensic specialists, engineers, meteorologists, laboratories, or even interview neighbors/witnesses. Our mission is to make certain that your policy is working for you.


By using industry standard software called, Xactimate, we calculate a fair market value for your loss. We also utilize targeted research into areas that demonstrate specialized or custom work pricing and incorporate that into the valuation.

Building Your Case

Compass Adjusting expertly compiles all documentation into a comprehensive report. This report is highly organized and all encompassing. It is made up of all collected documentation, research, code data, and expert reports. We build a case that is designed to disqualify skepticism and resolve concerns the insurer may have about costs, assessment, and our determination of your coverage.


Compass Adjusting will always direct you towards the best possible decision throughout the negotiation process. During this phase, the insurer will offer their side of evaluations, documentation, and analysis about the cause of damages and what the policy covers. If are comfortable with the insurer’s interpretations, then the negotiations are complete. Compass Adjusting will continue to negotiate and advocate for you.


A settlement takes place once you agree to a negotiation that you are comfortable with or by a judge’s ruling if nothing is agreed upon. When a judge rules, he/she will determine the values, scope, and coverage for the loss and enact a settlement, in which case there can be no further negotiations.


The final step in this process involves submitting forms and paperwork to ensure required compensation from all appropriate parties. This final payment is related to the loss and based on the settlement. Once payment is received, the claim is closed.

When choosing Compass Adjusting, you receive an all-encompassing navigator throughout the entire claims process. You receive a team of specialists that have decades long experience in the field and who know how to ensure the best possible resolution.