Compass Adjusting is backed by over 35 years of construction experience, both residential and commercial. Steeped in real-life construction scenarios and applications, Compass Adjusting has encountered construction projects that have ranged from a few thousand dollars to over 7.5 million. Founder and CEO Mark Rothbauer has cultivated a network of insurance appraisers and public adjusters that all have an extensive background and well of experience with claims related to hail, wind, fire, water, ice, business interruption, catastrophic events, and other threats related to residential and commercial properties. With a background in contracting, sales, production, estimating, scheduling, coordination, design, administration and labor ratios, Compass Adjusting is able to offer its clients the full scope when adjusting claims. We know the ins-outs of both construction and insurance and are built on an all-encompassing foundation.


The Compass Adjusting team works hard to get you back on track. We provide expert testimony, documentation, knowledge and professionalism to ensure accurate recovery when catastrophe strikes.


From apartments, condominiums & townhouses to luxury homes and large commercial complexes, Compass Adjusting has the experience.


Compass Adjusting is one of the most trusted restoration companies in the nation for two reasons: Our vast experience in the industry and our promise to always put our customers first.

Commercial Public Insurance Adjuster With Your Business in Mind

Over our years of experience in pursuing insurance claims, we have come to understand the key differences between commercial and residential cases. Damage to a commercial business can affect dozens or hundreds of people, causing financial distress that reaches far and wide. Our adjusters always keep the scale of their commercial claims in mind when pursuing fair financial compensation from insurance providers. We are here to help get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible, and are committed to an uncompromised level of excellence. Whatever the nature of your claim and the size of your business, our adjusters have the tools to help you move forward.

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Colorado Springs’s Imminent Residential Public Claims Adjuster

At Compass Adjusting, we know that your home is a place of relaxation, safety and security. In a perfect world homeowners insurance would give you those same feelings, but that is not always how things work when it comes to claim adjustment. In our years of experience dealing with corporate insurance providers, we have come to understand that residential claims can be contentious. Our customers care about their homes in more ways than their monetary value. It is the goal of our business and our adjusters to ensure that these difficult periods pass quickly and smoothly, so that our customers can move forward with the financial compensation that they deserve.

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