Compass Adjusting provides all public adjusting services for condo associations and homeowner associations for individual homeowners as well as the property owners / property managers. We have depth of experience in handling large loss insurance claims for property damage to condominiums and HOA communities throughout Colorado, Indiana and more. We work closely with the property owners, property managers and the association personnel to ensure the work is done right and tenants experience minimal inconvenience.

The Compass Team has the resources and expertise to properly document the damage to each unit in your complex, community buildings and office spaces on the property. We work to empower the condo association and homeowner association personnel to move as quickly and painlessly through the insurance claim process to restore homes and investment income with a successful claim outcome.

If your community has experienced damage, get in touch and we will quickly investigate and let you know how we can help!


Compass Adjusting has been retained in cases involving just about every type of HOA loss over the years. See our case studies section for examples.


The types of issues that come up in HOA losses are incalculable. The types of policies and coverages also vary greatly. Over the years, we have seen practices and procedures often turn up in shared housing claims that would create negative results if not for us.

Our experience and our passion to work with client’s best interest as a priority, is the Compass Adjusting model for the successful adjustment of a HOA loss.

Grant Street HOA

This beautiful historic mansion right in the heart of Capitol Hill Denver Colorado. Grant Street HOA received a very low initial settlement of $94,580.88. Compass Adjusting worked hard for a final settlement of $559,710.43 to make the building whole again.

Homestead Lakes

Homestead Lakes is a neighborhood located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Indianapolis is within Marion county. Homestead Lakes is on its way to becoming whole. Stay tuned for details on this project.

Carrington Commons

Carrington Commons Condomium Homes offer 3 different styles of low maintenance living; ranches, European flats and 2-story townhomes. Homes range from 1,200 – 1,381 square feet and offer both one and two car garages. Carrington Commons received a very low initial settlement of 675k Compass Adjusting worked hard for a final settlement of 2.1M

Homestead Lakes

The Homestead Lakes neighborhood in located in Washington Township, Indianapolis. Repairs are underway. Stay tuned for details.

Newport Bay

The Newport Bay community a large, restful haven in a busy city. Compass Adjusting worked to improve the initially low compensation of 425k to a total repair of a 870k final settlement.

North Willow

North Willow is located on the prestigious north side of Indianapolis, Indiana, across the street from St. Vincent Hospital and surrounded by the cities best shopping, dining and entertainment With all of the damage sustained, a mere 1.2M was initially offered for repairs. Compass Adjusting helped to reach a final settlement of 2M

Windslowe Crossing

Windslow Crossing, Indianapolis, IN 46237, Condominium, Condo, Southside. The beginning claim is a mere 250k. After all was said and done, Compass Adjusting helped to settle 965k worth of covered repairs. 


This property is currently in progress. Please stay tuned for additional details and numbers.

Orchards at Cherry Creek

This property is currently in progress. Please stay tuned for additional details and numbers.